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We had a large number of attendees at our seminars in the Spring of 2008, thus we were able to sift through many feedback forms. Many of the Spring inservice tour evaluations asked us to share our most successful interventions. During the session, we found that many people wanted the same few interventions. In response to numerous requests, we will now be including links to some of the most well-liked interventions on this page.

First Preferred Intervening

Where Can You Put All Those Hours Spent in Front of the TV?

Classified ad formats were very well received for any sort of intervention. The approach presented here is the most well-liked of those considered. The intervention consists of having students compose “Help Wanted” advertisements based on the skills they are learning. Many people expressed interest in obtaining copies of the student advertisements we displayed in class. They enjoy the idea that students would be left thinking, “Where will my TV watching skills be needed?” because of these adverts.

Included here are some of the most discussed examples:

Jobs Paying Well Need People Who Watch a Lot of TV Regularly

An enormous corporation is advertising to people watching television in the hope that they will lie down and watch TV for lengthy periods of time. Candidates should have a penchant for both chips and doughnuts.

Now Hiring: Nappers for a National Company

This job opening will shake you out of your slumber. We can wait around till noon if that is when you get up. Late submissions will not be considered.

Ex-Shoppers Seeking Senior Management Roles

In order to qualify for this amazing chance with a major corporation, you must first spend several years leaning against a wall or sitting on a bench. There is no ceiling on your potential as one of our dedicated employees if you can sit around for hours at a time. If you can prove that you can say anything scathing about everyone who goes by, you may be the person we need to handle customer relations. Join us and put your shopping centre experience to good use.
Government Spying Needs Experts in Violent Video Games

Working with the CIA or FBI can be the right choice if you are good at solving puzzles, cracking codes, or eliminating threats. We need people like you, who can overcome any obstacle, be it a ferocious monster or a relic from the Jurassic period.

Intervention #2: A Show of Favor

Graduation Gallonage

Students appreciate interventions that highlight the benefits of education and request more like them. Here’s a brand-new one for you. Making the connection between going to school and saving money on petrol is a persuasive argument right now. Find the link in this article. Working minimum wage at one or more jobs, the average dropout can bring in around $500 monthly. Ask your students to figure out how many hours they would have to work at the current minimum wage to afford a full tank of gas (gas is almost $4 per gallon). Have students calculate how long it would take them to drive to a nearby city, state, or popular regional location to bring the statistics to life. Get them to figure out how much it will cost them to get to and from work every day.

With gas prices rising to near $5 per gallon, you should make sure that students understand that a recent dropout with a single job may not be able to afford a full tank of gas in addition to other essentials such as a roof over their head, food on the table, transportation to and from work, and entertainment. Assist pupils in realising that rising gas prices may make it possible for dropouts to buy cars they currently cannot afford. Graduates, on the other hand, can potentially earn twice as much as dropouts and are better equipped to maintain a stable income and a career path. By making a high school diploma essential to obtaining a driver’s licence, you are altering how pupils view their time spent in school.

Have students draw their interpretations of the term “Gallons for Graduates” as a fun follow-up intervention. Art supplies and computer clip art can be used to make imaginative visuals, such as a diploma superimposed on a gas pump, or a gas station where all the customers are dressed in caps and gowns and holding diplomas.

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